Futures Trading


Futures Trading are one of the most popular form of CFDs. Baazex offers a range of Futures from around the world, including ICE Dollar Index and CBOE VIX Index.

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Index Symbol
ICE Dollar Index Futures DXY
CBOE VIX Index Futures VIX
Brent Crude Oil Futures BRENT
WTI Crude Oil Futures WTI

Tradable Future Markets

Futures Trading CFD are priced directly from the underlying futures markets, with commissions, financing charges and dividend adjustments all built into the spread itself. Baazex offers competitive spreads across all of our Future CFDs.

Opening the Position

The price of the VIX is 14.05/14.20. You are of the view that market volatility will increase so you decide to buy 1 contract at 14.20. (One contract is equal to $0.01 per point, there are 100 points per 1.00 change in the index).

Closing the Position

Four days later, the VIX has risen to 18.20/18.35 and you decide to take your profit. You close your position by selling 1 contract at 18.20.

Ready to trade?

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Index Symbol Contract Month Expiry Date
US Volatility Index Futures VIX_U0 SEPTEMBER-20 22-09-2020
WTI Crude Oil Futures WTI_V0 TOBER-20 21-09-2020
Brent Crude Oil Futures BRENT_X0 NOVEMBER-20 29-09-2020
US Volatility Index Futures VIX_V0 OCTOBER-20 20-10-2020
WTI Crude Oil Futures WTI_X0 NOVEMBER-20 19-10-2020
US Dollar Index Futures DXY_Z0 DECEMBER-20 14-12-2020
Brent Crude Oil Futures BRENT_Z0 DECEMBER-20 29-10-2020

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